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Laura Beattie

My name is Laura Beattie, I have lived in Sanford since 2004, but I’m originally from Michigan & have lived all over the world. I have had animals all of my life, from the usual dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea pigs and fish to the not so usual ducks, turtles, frogs, snakes (although, I seldom kept the last 3 in captivity for very long). As a kid, I got to know our local vet quite well as I was the one always bringing hurt animals of every type to him & then I’d spend weeks nursing them to health. I decided to start a pet sitting business because I love animals and have been taking care of friends and family’s pets for over 30 years. Being greeted at work every day by wagging tails & nuzzling noses is a huge bonus as well. I’m not a certified Vet Tech, but I was trained by a Vet as a Vet Tech many years ago when I worked in her clinic/kennel. I am a certified Pet Tech instructor for Pet CPR & First Aid. It would be my absolute joy & pleasure to make certain that your beloved pets are given lots of love and attention while you are away. Laura covers Sanford and Lake Mary and backs up all locations.

Bobbie Davidson

My name is Bobbie Davidson and I recently moved down from New York, and have been living in Lake Mary for the past year. I currently attend Seminole State College, where I plan to graduate with an Associate’s degree in Nutrition, and then move on to get my Bachelor’s degree. I have been an animal lover all my life! Growing up I was always begging for a new pet, and ended up with an assortment of fish, a handful of hamsters, a bunny, an iguana, a dog and a cat. Once I left the nest, I couldn’t wait to have pets of my own, and am now the proud mother of two dogs, a Boston Terrier named Clyde and a black Pug named Lola. And we have recently added an 8 week old kitten named Jasmine! My pets are my life, and I would do anything to make sure that they have the best life possible. I love my babies as if they are my children, and am honored to share the same love with your pets! Bobbie covers Lake Mary and part of Sanford and Longwood.

Susan Annett

I moved here from New York State in 1982. I’m practically a native. My husband actually is one. We were never able to have children so our pets became our furry children. I started our family with a Christmas gift to my husband, a cocker spaniel puppy we named Chloe. About a year later we added a stray cocker to our family that we named Shelby. Then came a tabby cat named Butch and a black cat we named Spook because he was so easily spooked, like the black cats portrayed for Halloween.

As those beloved pets passed on we added more since being without pets is not an option at our house. Currently we have a border collie mix adopted from Animal Control named Casey. She has one blue eye and one brown eye! Also, we have Pookie, who’s probably a beagle mix. She had been dumped in our neighborhood. Took me 3 days to lure her into our house but I did it! Last but not least, we have a black and white cat name Panda. So basically, I LOVE caring for pets. I’ve always been on hand to care for my neighbor’s pets. Having my own pets, I know how much it means to have the peace of mind that someone is caring for your pets as well as you would yourself. Susan covers Sanford and Lake Mary areas.

Suzanne Rudd

Bio and Pic to come Covers Sanford and Lake Mary

Jesamy Wilkening

Bio and pic to come Covers Sanford, Lake Mary area

Celeste Walker

Bio and pic to come Covers Debary, Sanford, Lake Mary area

Michael DeLancett

My name is Mike DeLancett, and I have lived in Lake Mary since 2012. I was born and raised a Florida native in Winter Park. Having grown up as 1 of 3 brothers, I’ve had the gamut of household pets from cats, dogs, kittens, hedgehogs, iguanas, snakes, hamsters, fish, frogs, birds, and even a chinchilla. My current room mate is an 8 year old Siberian Husky, and I love her like a daughter. I became a pet sitter because I’ve always been an animal lover. I was frequently called upon in my youth to take care of neighborhood and extended family pets, have spent time volunteering in no kill shelters, studied animal biology at length, and I am also active in the political movements for the restoration of wolves in North America and the protection of Floridian Ecosystems. I believe that pets are as much a part of our families as people, and I will happily do whatever it takes to keep your furry, feathered, or scaled members happy and healthy in your absence. Michael covers Sanford and Lake Mary.

Dorreen Herring

My name’s Doreen and I LOVE animals! Being born on a farm in Indiana and raised in the country in Geneva, Fl, I have owned dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, a pony and even a cow and two pigs over the years. My pigs actually thought that they were dogs because they ran around with our dogs and would greet us when we come home just like our dogs! I currently have 8 fur kids in my home along with some feral kitties and Sharkie the fish, that allow me to live inside as long as I feed them and supply them with lots of LOVE, FOOD, TOYS AND TREATS!, LOL. My mom and sister taught me at an early age about being kind to animals and I have carried that with me always. Luckily for me my parents were also huge animal lovers because I was always bringing home a stray that was in need of love and care. My sister taught me how to train dogs (which I don’t really practice since my babies seem to have ME trained instead. But that is ok because they have me trained quite well to jump at their every bark. I am a very proud Foster Mom for Dachshund Adoption Rescue & Education (DARE) and have been able to help in finding many abused or abandoned doxies loving forever homes. I have been pet sitting professionally since 2007 but have cared for the pets of friends and family close to 30 years. I also have experience as a Property & Casualty Insurance Agent and Bookkeeping. When by beloved Dachshund mix got cancer and started having seizures I changed jobs so that I could take him to work with me. My vet fondly refers to me as a “very observant neurotic nut” because I keep such a very close eye on my pets and any other animal that is in my care for any change in their behavior that may signal something that needs medical attention. I also like to keep my clients updated on any minor issues that I notice “just in case” they may need to be monitored. I am not a Vet nor have I ever worked for one, but my years of experience with my own animals have taught me that each one is different and they have their own personality so if they are not “themselves” I would rather err on the side of caution when it comes to their well being. I believe that you can learn a lot from animals if you take the time to understand their language. Because of that I was able to extend Bandit’s life for almost a year longer than my vet expected. I take my responsibilities as a Pet Sitter very seriously and promise to care for each and every pet as if they are one of my own! Doreen does midday dog walks in the Sanford, Lake Mary and Longwood areas.

Jessica Hughes

Bio and pic to come Covers Debary, Sanford and parts of Deltona

PJ Nolasks

PJ has been a pet sitting for several years and has had dogs his entire life.  He is trained in Pet CPR & First Aid. PJ covers Deltona, Debary and parts of Sanford and Lake Mary.

Kaitlin Bryan

Bio and pic to come Covers Deltona and Debary areas

Rebecca Sutton

Hi, my name is Rebecca Sutton and I can’t wait to meet your fuzzy kids! I have always loved animals. Before I could even talk, if an animal was in the room, I would just light up! I have a combined total of 11 years of experience working with animals and their owners. Some of my experience includes working in 2 veterinary clinics as a veterinary technician while living in North Carolina. During that time I also helped out with the humane society and was able to learn a great deal about different animal breeds, health issues and behavior issues with hurt, abused and or shy animals. In addition I was able to help a local Great Dane breeder with socializing puppy litters over the years; transporting to dog shows and new potential owner meetings. Since moving to Florida I have continued to do what I am passionate about which is work with animals and people. Currently I work in a veterinary clinic part-time and have been pet-sitting for over 8 years. Pet-sitting is so awesome because it really lets me do what I love for a living which is spend time with and take care of animals but also my other passion in life is to make other people’s lives easier and more enjoyable. I know from my own experience what it feels like to go away for business or on a vacation without your pets. I like that I am able to be part of the solution for someone who has to be away from their animals. I get to stand in for them while they are away and make sure their babies are well taken care of physically and mentally. Rebecca covers Winter Springs, Casselberry, parts of Sanford, Longwood and Oviedo.

Susan Zieverink

My name is Susan. Although I have spent almost all my adult life in Health Care for humans, my first love has always been animals. I recently relocated to Central Florida and I am positioning myself to follow my passion for animal care. I grew up on a farm and I have a life time of practical experience in taking care of all types of animals from dogs and cats to horses and pigs. Whether it flies or crawls, swims or trots, I can take care of it. If it barks or bleats, mews or moos, clucks or quacks, I’m your girl. I have had a love of all animals all my life. It is my honor and privilege to be able to give that same love and attention to your pet. Covers Casselberry, Oviedo parts of Winter Park and Orlando and Maitland.

Connie Zell

Bio and Pic to come Connie covers Casselberry and Oviedo.

Beverly Gilley

Bio and Pic to come Covers Altamonte Springs and Longwood

Caitlin Foster

My name is Caitlin Foster. I’ve had animal friends since birth, and have continued to seek out more ways to be around animals since. Besides caring for the stray cats in need of a home that have found me over the years (most recently my cranky, bossy, perfect 15 year old cat, Holly), I’ve also helped with animal enrichment and feeding responsibilities behind the scenes at the Tennessee Aquarium, and volunteer weekly to help care for and train the pets at Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando. While in high school and college, I frequently looked after the pets of friends and neighbors away on weekend trips and summer vacations, and found that I greatly enjoyed my time as temporary mom to their furry family members, which let me to seek further pet sitting opportunities.
I feel a deep sense of personal responsibility to provide the best care and environment possible for animals, especially those who share our homes. Since they can’t do everything for themselves, I take animal care responsibilities very seriously, and treat each pet as if they’re a member of my own beloved family. I look forward to meeting your pets soon!

Lindsey Campbell

My name is Lindsey Campbell, and animals are my passion! I grew up in Central Florida, and since my family wasn’t what you would call “animal people”, I sought out any opportunity I could find to be around animals of all kinds! So I grew up riding horses, walking friend’s dogs, and watching their kitties! I am currently working on my Associate’s/Bachelor’s degree in Biology, and hope to go to veterinary school in the future, and I do work with horses as well. I am Mommy to 3 “fur-kids” of my own: “Chief” the German Shepherd Dog, “Henry” the Shih-Tzu, and “Gus” the Poodle Mix. I am honored to give your pets the love and care they deserve while you’re away, and promise to love them as my own! Lindsey currently assists with phones and bookings

Gloria Jenrette

My name is Gloria Jenrette. I have been a professional pet sitter for a couple years now, but my dedication and love for all creatures has been life-long.
After retiring from a career in the mortgage industry, I decided to pursue my true calling, looking after and taking care of  animals.
My husband, a retired police officer, shares the same love for animals. We have 5 dogs, 5 cats, and 2 horses.
I’m also actively involved in the rescuing of strays in Venezuela.

Covers Winter Springs, Oviedo, Casselberry, Winter Park

Amy Marflak

I can’t remember a time where animals weren’t a part of my life.  I always say that I was born with dog hair in my mouth.  Our Irish Setter Brandy taught me how to walk when I was a baby.  My love and respect for all animals has only grown over the years.  I have volunteered in shelters and with rescues for over 20 years.  I have experienced just about all types of animals, temperaments and medical conditions over those 20 years.  I have yet to meet an animal that I haven’t loved.  And I know how important our pets are to us.  Liddy, Toby and Ty are my world.  I would be honored to care for your pets with the same devotion and love that I have for my own. Covers Winter Springs, Oviedo, Casselberry, Winter Park

Lauren Lewis

Lauren has lived in the Oviedo, Central Florida area for over 18 years.  She has had a minimum of 14 years taking care of neighbor and family pets ranging from any kind of dogs and cats to even horses and chickens.  For the past 2 years She has several years experience working in kennels and grooming dogs and cats in addition to pet sitting. “Having dogs all my life has made me feel so fulfilled and happy, and I love taking care of other people’s babies so they know they’re safe and happy”. Covers Winter Springs, Oviedo, Casselberry, Winter Park

Jessica Walton

Bio and pic to come Covers Oviedo, Winter Springs, Winter Park, Casselberry, Parts of Orlando

Amy Watson

Bio and pic to come Covers Oviedo, Winter Park, Casselberry, Parts of Orlando

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