Traveling Soon? 

We all love to travel and explore new places, but what about our beloved pets? Leaving them behind can be a tough decision, but fret not! There’s a fantastic alternative to traditional kennels that will ensure your pet receives the love, attention, and care they deserve while you’re away.  Laura The Pet Nanny has dedicated and compassionate professionals who will become your pet’s new best friend. In this blog, we’ll explore the value of hiring a pet sitter over using a kennel, and why it’s a choice that both you and your furry friend will appreciate.

4 Reasons To Use a Sitter


🐾 Personalized Care

When you choose a pet sitter, you’re opting for a personalized experience tailored to your pet’s specific needs. Unlike kennels, where pets are often grouped together, a pet sitter will provide one-on-one attention, ensuring that your furry friend feels safe, secure, and loved. From feeding schedules to exercise routines, a sitter will follow your instructions to the letter, maintaining your pet’s regular routine and minimizing stress.

🐾 Familiar Environment:

Pets are creatures of habit, and sudden changes in their environment can be distressing. By hiring a pet sitter, they can stay in the comfort of their own home, surrounded by familiar sights, sounds, and smells. This reduces anxiety and helps them feel more at ease during your absence. Plus, they won’t have to deal with the noise and commotion often found in kennels, allowing for a peaceful and stress-free experience.

🐾 Health and Safety

Kennels can be breeding grounds for germs and diseases, as pets from various households are brought together. With a pet sitter, you can rest assured that your furry friend is not exposed to potential health risks. Additionally, a pet sitter will be attentive to your pet’s well-being, monitoring their behavior, and promptly addressing any signs of illness or discomfort. This level of personalized care ensures that your pet’s health is a top priority.

🐾 Extra TLC

Pets thrive on love and attention, and a pet sitter is dedicated to providing just that. They will engage in playtime, cuddles, and interactive activities, ensuring your pet receives the mental and emotional stimulation they need. With Laura the Pet Nanny we will also be attuned to your pet’s behavior, offering companionship and comfort during your absence. This extra TLC can make a world of difference in keeping your cat or pup happy and content.

When it comes to your pet’s well-being, hiring a pet sitter is a decision that offers numerous benefits over traditional kennels. From personalized care and a familiar environment to improved health and safety, your companion will thrive under the watchful eye of a dedicated pet sitter. So, the next time you plan a trip, consider giving your pet the gift of a pet sitter – a trusted companion who will ensure their happiness and well-being while you’re away. Bon voyage, and happy pet sitting!

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